SympoSAT Course at M.A.C.

Early in the morning on the first Saturday of almost every month in the academic year, students all over the world set aside almost 5 hours of their time to confront the SAT. Many of these students come to the test armed with many hours of prior experience and focused, directed practice. Others are caught completely unawares by the idiosyncrasies of the test. For long enough, the only option Egyptian students have had has been to make do with the meager offerings of existing private tutoring solutions. Now, there is sympoSAT.


SympoSAT is a cutting edge test-preparation program designed specifically for the Egyptian student. Our program makes use of top-notch tutors, contextualized resource and testing materials as well as a unique proprietary software package.

For more details about SympoSAT, please visit SympoSAT website.