Computer Labs

M.A.C. is equipped with two computer labs (Junior & Senior). Each lab is equipped with a smartboard, projection and sound system, network laser printers, and the latest available hardware and software in the market in order to serve the M.A.C. computer science curriculum.

Our Labs are equipped with:

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    Smart board.

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    Latest Hardware & Software.

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    Secured internet access.


The goal of the computer curriculum is to:

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    Introduce the fundamental concepts of Computer Science to all students, beginning at the elementary school level.

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    Present Computer Science at the secondary school level in a way that would be both accessible and worthy of a curriculum credit (e.g., math or science).

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    Offer additional secondary-level Computer Science courses that will allow interested students to study in depth and prepare them for entry into the work force or college.

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    Increase the knowledge of Computer Science for all students.

Structure of the computer curriculum:


Level 1: Foundations of Computer Science.



Level 2: Computer Science in the modern world.



Level 3: Computer Science as analysis and design.



Level 4: Advanced topics in Computer Science.