Art Rooms

M.A.C. has 2 art rooms (Junior and Senior art rooms) which are fully equipped with all needed materials. Our materials cover all colors and substances used in painting, collage, charcoal technique, water color and wax technique in addition to all different types of paper, charts and canvas etc. This wide range of art materials enables students to explore different techniques ranging from classic to modern, offering them the opportunities they need to meet the goals of the art curriculum.

Our Art curriculum is based on:

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    Developing Creativity.

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    Communicating & Teamwork.

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    Understanding Culture.


Structure of Art curriculum:


Focusing on students creativity through printing, using water color painting, collecting pieces of art work, and combining these in various ways.


Introducing to the color wheel to gain an understanding of how the colors are related.


Challenging students to explore positive and negative shapes, contrast and shades, the rules of mixing colors, and the properties and nature of raw materials.

Elementary Artworks:

Middle School Artworks:

High School Artworks: