M.A.C. Annual Book Week & Book Fair

On Monday, November 21st, M.A.C. had its annual book week. This year it was different from any other year. First, as now we have students doing the morning assembly, students during the book week said things like the best-selling books, in addition to the announcements. The atmosphere during the whole week was great. Especially when the Book Fair started, and everyone in the school was scattered around the book stands buying and reading books. This year bookstores offered a wide range of reading material, from all over Cairo to satisfy all the ages. Overall this year’s book week was great. Teachers and students had a 20% discount.

Book Week
Book Week

Reading Seminar

As a part of the Book week, M.A.C. also organized a reading seminar for Elementary students. The seminar was led by Ms. Dina El Ghamry General Manager at ‎Al Kotobgeya to discuss her latest books and stories and the meaning and value behind each story.

Snapshots from our Book Week